Our Mission
Empowering Persons with Disabilities to improve quality of life and become proactive members of society

by expanding the network of sustainable Community-Based Programs and facilities in the Bicol Region

and nationwide.
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Address : 286 Baņag, Daraga, Albay, PHILIPPINES 4501
Phone     : +63 (052) 483 - 4195 | 742-0170
Email       : sccrdfi@yahoo.com.ph

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The Sagip Kapamilya Simon of Cyrene (SKSC) Village is a resettlement site for the families of Persons With Disabilities devastated by natural disasters, established after Super Typhoon Reming in 2008. Located in the cool and green highlands of Peņafrancia, Daraga, Albay, the one-hectare parcel of land encompasses sixty housing units as well as a large multi-purpose building that serves as a venue for livelihood and enterprise development training and community activities.


  • To promote the rights and inclusion of PWDs affected by natural disaster by providing safe, inclusive and accessible housing and a positive community environment.
  • To foster a self-sufficient and self-sustainable village


  • SKSC Village "May K Building": Serves as a venue for trainings, seminar, meetings and other activities in the community.
  • Children's Activity Center: An area for development activities for SKSC Village children, with a focus on inclusivity for children with disabilities, which art projects and a library.
  • SKSCV Health & Satellite Rehabilitation Center: A venue for therapy and other health-related activities, such as medical and dental missions.
  • Referrals to other social service agencies and SCCRDFI programs.


  • Life skills sessions for children and youth
  • Health and fitness activities- running club and building a basketball court
  • Income generating projects- fish farming, ukay-ukay, handicrafts and photography auctions
  • Family empowerment and youth development
  • Spiritual development
  • DRRM emergency drills
  • Home Owner's Association monthly meetings
  • Employability skills development- computer class and future planning
  • Building maintenance and renovation


The current 3-year plan aims to achieve the following:

  • To develop a road network, curb drainage, water and lighting systems
  • To enhance accessibility features for PWDs, community center and livelihood area
  • To provide more opportunities for sustainable livelihood
  • To encourage and provide an environment for healthy lifestyles
Guided by the philosophy that social and community development is more effective through grassroots action, SKSC Village residents are encouraged to take active roles and responsibilities within the community to create a positive and healthy environment for everyone.