Our Name

Simon of Cyrene is a significant character found in Matthew 27:32.43. He was the man who, while Jesus was on his way to Golgotha for his crucifixion, was ordered by soldiers to carry Jesus's cross. This name was chosen to represent the organization's desire to be the 'Simon of Cyrene' for Persons with Disabilities, offering support and assistance on their journey without discrimination or judgement.

Our Colors & Logo

WHITE is universally accepted color symbol of peace, purity and innocence.

GREEN is the most common color symbol for life.

Through the various activities of Simon, it is hoped all stakeholders will grow and discover peace within their lives. We hope growth and development will be experienced not only by the staff and clients, but also with every person who comes in contact with and supports Simon programs.

The CROSS represents the life and suffering of Jesus Christ. The vertical line denotes God's relation to humankind and humankind to God, while the horizontal line signifies humankind's relation to his or her fellow being in union with Christ.

Unlike most crosses, however Simon's cross has three open ends. These openings represent the organization's desire to acknowledge the difficulties we encounter, but also to integrate the learnings of our clients and their families as well as those of our staff into our work.

The DECENDING DOVE is the usual symbol of the Holy Spirit. The presence of the leaf in the dove's mouth refers to the story of the flood recorded in Genesis 8 and symbolizes the deluge, victory and an expectation of a new life. Similarly, PWDs and their families experience the deluge of sufferings, but with the assistance of Simon of Cyrene, they are now faced with an expectation of a greener life on their journey to victory over all difficulties.

The CIRCLE symbolizes totality and refers to the holistic approach of Christian mission as exemplified by Jesus' mission on earth. It also represents eternity and speaks of God's encompassing and endless love to humankind for total salvation.

Simon of Cyrene believes in the principle that an individual or the child, per se, cannot be separated from the family, nor the family to be separated from the community, nor the community be separated from the nation, nor each nation from the rest of the neighboring nations and even up to the entire universe. Each affects each other. So as the child grows, the parents grow, Simon staff grows and the church, too, grows in God's mission. Further, the church believes that when one serves the needy, it is an endless service. One does not know when to stop because God's love is eternal.

Who We Are

Our History

1982 Simon of Cyrene Children's Home started as a project for the rehabilitation of children in coordinatio with the Lingap Pangkabataan, Inc. (LPI), and Kindernothilfe (KNH) of Duisburg, Germany.

After operating for a year as a residential home with 11 children, the family-based approach was adopted in order to integrate the family into the rehabilitation process.

1983 Christoffel Blindemission (CBM) Bensheim, Germany became a project partner and has since provided steady support.

1985 The Simon of Cyrene Children's Home Foundation, Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with the vision of radiating the program in the Bicol Region and generating local resources.

1987 The foundation adopted the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program in order to serve more people across disabilities. In support of this move, CBM seconded Karen Heinicke-Motsch to pave the way in the establishment of the CBRP.

Three (3) northern barangays of Daraga, Albay were identified as the pilot CBR area. Social preparation started in coordination with the local officials, government and non-government agencies. Community assemblies were conducted to create awareness on disability prevention and early intervention. The rehabilitation team, composed of a physiatrist/consultant, physical therapist and social worker, conducted outreach rehabilitation services to seven (7) orthopedically handicapped children.

1989 The CBR Program was implemented in 8 barangays of Daraga. About 160 persons with various disabilities were initially identified. The program reached out to the persons with disabilities, their families and their communities. The services included rehabilitation, disability prevention campaign; health and nutrition; formal and non-formal education; and capital and technical assistance in livelihood projects.

1990 Because of these comprehensive services, the name of the foundation was changed to Simon of Cyrene Children's Rehabilitation and Development Foundation Incorporated (SCCRDFI).

Since 1990, the CBR Program has expanded to 48 barangays in Albay, including 38 barangays of Daraga, 7 barangays of Tiwi, and 3 barangays of Legazpi City wherein 1,787 persons with various disabilities were served.


1991 - 1993 MALABOG COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION- Handicraft and weaving project for women through hand rooms from the Department of Trade and Industry.

1991 - 1994 TYPHOON RESISTENT CROPS PRODUCTION- Intercropping and integrated farming project for families with a disabled family member supported by the Philippine Development Assistance Program (PDAP) through the Christian Children's Fund of Canada and Lutheran World Relief of Canada

1991 - 1995 RE-DIRECTION OF BICOL AGRICULTURAL SECTOR- Swine and carabao dispersal project supported by the Department of Agriculture through Dutch Embassy Funds.

Since 1995 COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION OF CHILDREN & YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES Assistance for physical rehabilitation and inclusive education and training of children and youth with disabilities in Albay, Sorsogon and Camarines Sur. Supported by Stichting Liliane Fonds (Netherlands) the rehabilitation and education project has served 619 children & youth (0-25 years old).

Since 1996 COMMUNITY-BASED EARLY INTERVENTION PROJECT FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES (EIP) Individualized home-based training for children 0-6 years old with developmental delays using the Portage system. In 1996, the project was piloted and organized in four (4) community groups in Sto. Domingo, Legazpi & Daraga in 2014, there were one hundred sixty-seven (167) children served in CBR areas. with 80 children served. The project has extended to 12 children in the community under the Special Outreach Program. From 1996-2011, the project has served 699 children in 22 communities/barangays and supported by Kinderthothilfe. For 2013, we have served 162 children from 33 barangays in 5 CBR Areas- Tiwi, Malinao, Sto. Domingo, Legazpi and Daraga. For 2010-2015, the project expansion areas include four other municipalities in Albay: Malinao, Tiwi, Camalig and Guinobatan and Cam Sur: Tigaon and Sagnay.

Since 2007 SAGIP KAPAMILYA SIMON OF CYRENE VILLAGE Development of 1-hectare lot at Penafrancia, Daraga as a permanent resettlement site for Persons with Disabilities and their families. This is a pioneering project of Simon of Cyrene as a response to post-disaster needs for rehabilitation and development. This project is in partnership with ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc., Sagip Kapamilya, Philippine Soong Ching Ling Foundation, International Organization for Migration, and the Local Government of Daraga. As of April 2015, there are 45 families staying in the SKSC Village.

Since 2010 CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY FOR RIGHTS AND EMPOWERMENT (CARE) Organization and capability building of children and youth 7-25 years old with disabilities together with their siblings and other children without disabilities. The program, supported by Kindernothilfe, aims to assist in the development of social, leadership skills and the promotion of children's rights and protection. In 2005, the project was piloted and organized in four (4) community groups in Sto. Domingo, Tabaco, Legazpi & Daraga with 80 children served. At present, the project has extended to 12 children in the community under the Special Outreach Program.

Since 2006-2010 - These years revolved on the “CBR Social Investment through Advocacy and Alliance Building”. Year 2006 was notable for the Disability-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Project being added to the existing components of CBR, in partnership with Handicap International, an independent and impartial organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster, working alongside with people with disabilities and vulnerable population.

Since 2011-2015 - A breakthrough in the Inclusive Development and Sustainability (Mainstream disability and the Rights of PWDs in the social development agenda of the government, and into the consciousness of the people in the communities). In the year 2012, Child Protection was added as another component, being supported by the Liliane Foundation wherein the project aims to Formulate programs and services for Child Protection with active participation of children, both disabled and non-disabled, Incorporate Child Protection into all Simon’s CBR programs ensuring all stakeholders are aware and informed about specific child protection policies, codes of conduct and laws.


Vision, Mission, Goals

VISION - A dynamic and sustainable resource organization working with Persons with Disabilities toward a compassionate and inclusive society.

MISSION - Empowering Persons with Disabilities to improve quality of life and become proactive members of society by expanding the network of sustainable Community-Based Programs and facilities in the Bicol Region and nationwide.


  • 1. Empower and equip Persons with Disabilities to improve their quality of life
  • 2. Maintain and manage existing financial systems and processes, develop and innovate approaches toward sustainability and ensuring financial stability
  • 3. Establish and develop a Training Resource Center and consolidate programs for PWDs that will proactively reach out to the broader issues and scope of disability
  • 4. Develop, implement and manage efficiently organizational systems and processes
  • 5. Promote a culture of commitment and excellence and leave a legacy of continuous relevance in the development community

  • 1. PWD Empowerment & Advocacy
  • 2. Resource Mobilization & Financial Management
  • 3. Capacity Development (Training Resource Center Development and Programs Consolidation)
  • 4. Systems Development and Management
  • 5. Legacy Building (Institutional Culture and Legacy)
  • Management & Staff


    The 11-member Board of Trustees is the governing authority and the policy making body of the foundation, providing dynamic leadership. The officers compose the Executive Committee, which monitors program and financial operations. The Board meets every a designated day of the first month together with the Executive Director.

    In intervals with the Regular Board meeting, the Executive Committee meets to act on immediate foundation concerns and report activities to the Board for ratification.

    There are two lifemember's assemblies in a year. The first assembly held in May focus on presentation of accomplishment. Financial report of the previous year and plans for the following year. the second lifemember's assembly held in October focus on election of Board of Trustees. The term of office of the members of the Board of Trustees shall be three years. An elected trustees can only served for two years consecutive terms and may only be elected to the board one year after the end of his/her second term. The members of the Board serve on a purely voluntary basis.


    Regular weekly activities include Bible reflection, unit meetings and coordination of activities. The system of planning, service delivery, monitoring and evaluation is strengthened through seminars, mentoring, coaching, group sessions and individual in-service training, and consultancy. There is an annual personnel and operations/program midyear review, evaluation and planning.

    The staff development thrusts in the coming years include skills enhancement on supervisory training for middle management/unit officers; training of trainers; digital technology, communication and technical writing; and technology transfer and social mobilization training for volunteers and fieldworkers in expansion areas.

Core Values and Philosophy


  • Thus, as Christ taught us - it is the value of that brought us together and guide us on how we deliver our programs and services.


  • We have the commitment to serve passionately and faithfully.

    Creativity And Innovation

  • We foster innovation and creativity among our staff through mentorship. This is what drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves and continously poineer new approaches to better serve our clients and partners.


  • There is integrity in our personal dealings and relationship with others and our environment. We uphold honesty in our services to persons with disabilities, families and stakeholders.

    Team Work

  • We recognize the value & contribution of the Board, Staff, PWDs, their families, partners & other stakeholders. We complement each other in service, feeling fulfilled in all that we do together


  • We work towards a state of quality or condition of being exceptionally good. We strive for the best performance.

    Love Of Country

  • We envisioned a just and humane society in our country, and we work towards promoting all actions towards it.

Registration, License and Accreditation


  • Oct 4, 2014 - New By-Laws
    • May 29, 2010 - Amended New By-Laws
    • March 30, 1990 - Amended Articles of Incorporation
    • December 7, 1992 - Amended By-Laws
    • May 31, 1985 - S.E.C. Reg. No. 126830


    • Registration and License to Operate as a Social Development Welfare Agency; License No. FOV-RL-000037-13
    • Accreditation for Community-Based Rehabilitation Program and Services for Persons with Disabilities
    • Renewal of Certificate of Accreditation is valid for three (3) years from April 29, 2010 to April 28, 2013
    • Renewal of Certificate of Accreditation is valid for three (3) years from July 19, 2013-July 18, 2016 (DSWD-SB-A 000900-2013) - Satisfactorily complied with the first level standards in the implementation of Community Based Programs and services for children, youth, women, older persons, persons with disabilities, families, communities and disaster victims.


    • As NGO Rendering Health and Rehabilitation Services


    • By the Local Government of Daraga, Albay, Province of Albay & Camarines Sur, and City of Legazpi


    • Granted a Five (5) year certification as a Donee Institution on June 28, 2004 (BIR No. 044-2004); valid until June 28, 2009
    • Renewal of accreditation granted Five (5) year certification as Donee Institution on April 8, 2010; valid until January 28,2015 (Certificate of Registration BIR No. 026-2010)


    • Certificate of Registration for participation to the Volunteer program in the Philippines (Pursuant to Executive Order No.635 dated December 12, 1980 and office Circular No. VI, series of 2004)
    • Granted a three (3) year registration from February 16, 2010 to February 15, 2013 (Registration No. 2010-123)