Our Mission
Empowering Persons with Disabilities to improve quality of life and become proactive members of society

by expanding the network of sustainable Community-Based Programs and facilities in the Bicol Region

and nationwide.
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Aims to strengthen the development and participation of children (7 to 17 y/o) through the creation of Children's Organizations in 5 pilot CBR areas. The 25 members of each group include both disabled and non-disabled children working together to advocate for their rights, strengthen leadership skills and build positive alliances with government and civil society groups.


  • Facilitate the organization of disabled and non-disabled children in schools for self-enhancement, rights and leadership training
  • Influence community leaders and agencies to support the promotion of the rights and inclusion of children with disabilities
  • Develop and strengthen existing partnerships and referral systems among government and non-government organizations which promote children's rights and welfare


  • Visually, hearing, physically or mentally impaired children who show leadership potential and talents for theatre arts
  • Non-disabled children able to act as advocates for the rights and inclusions of children with disabilities through membership and activities within their Children's Organization


  • Self-Enhancement and Leadership Trainings
  • Seminars, workshops and informal activities such as Summer Camp, Sport Festival, Spiritual Recollection, Children's Forum, Art Exhibits
  • Formation of Theatre Arts Group with workshops and regular practice, developing advocacy presentations on children's rights and protection and other disability issues
  • Theatre Group presentations in schools, churches and community assembles;
  • Development and dissemination of information and communication materials on children's rights promoting public awareness and education
  • Networking and resource mobilization with government and civil society groups


Formation of Children's Organizations:

  • Children are nominated by their teachers; their parents must consent and be willing to support them (20 children w/ disabilities and 5 non-disabled children per area)
  • Children must be willing to participate in workshops and regular theatre practice

Management of Children's Organizations:

  • A group of 5 leaders will be selected per area
  • These core leaders will take charge of organizing and facilitating the activities of their organization
  • The organization will be under the care of the parent support group
  • Monthly members meetings will be conducted with advisers